Turning Over a Newly Engineered Leaf

Thomas Tham graduated as one of the top students from Singapore Polytechnic (SP)’s pioneer batch of Diploma in Engineering with Business graduates.

Even before his graduation, he was granted early admission into the Nanyang Technological University’s prestigious Renaissance Engineering Programme, which accepts only 50 students a year. Apart from this, he also received the Ng Bok Eng Renaissance Engineering Scholarship, which paid for his tuition and provided him with a living allowance of $6,000 every academic year.

However, it was a different story back in secondary school. He was on scholarship then at Fuhua Secondary School. Due to an addiction to an online game, he performed badly for his Secondary 2’s mid-term examinations. This resulted in his scholarship being revoked. “When I got my results, it really was a wake-up call,” he recounted. With that, he pulled himself together, and went on to clinch the position as the top student the following year.

His diligence and commitment to excellence continued to bear fruit during his stint at SP, where he was awarded the SP Scholarship and was on the esteemed Director’s Honour Roll. Not only that, he also received a Gold with Honours for his co-curricular activity, the SP BP Mentoring Club, where he was recognised for his dedication as a mentor to a group of Zhangde Primary School students.

  • Name: Thomas Tham

  • Polytechnic: SP

  • Course: Engineering with Business

  • Year of Study: Graduated in 2012

Former Secondary School: Fuhua Secondary School


  • SMRT Silver Medal

  • SP Scholarship