Transition from Internship to a Rewarding Career

Joanna was attached to Keppel FELS Limited in her final year Industry Immersion Programme (IIP), where she worked under the Logistics Warehouse for four months.

During Joanna’s IIP with the company, she was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in warehouse migration. Although some of the work had already started by the time she joined, she took it positively and diligently and did what she could to get up to speed as quickly as possible. This ensured that she could contribute meaningfully. Looking back, Joanna is glad that she was able to gain many real-life experiences, including learning how planning was done and how various tasks were executed professionally in a big company. It really inspired her to see everyone aligned towards a same goal, and having the same mind-set to contribute their best in their respective roles.

Through IIP, Joanna truly understood the importance of collaborative teamwork, good time management, as well as prioritising her work for maximum efficiency and productivity. She felt that these are all very important skills that enable her to perform well in her current role with the company.

She felt that her days as an intern had definitely helped her a lot in preparing for the real working life ahead. “Real working life can be full of challenges with many unforeseen circumstances, but I have learnt to manage them well. Compared to before, I am now able to stay calm whenever I face any challenges, and usually I’m able to find ways to solve it,” she shared.

After completing her internship, Joanna was invited to stay on as a part-time staff, then as a contract staff, and eventually as a permanent staff working as an Assistant Warehouse Supervisor. Two years on, Joanna is now proud to be an experienced Warehouse Supervisor. “Working in this company presented a very good stepping stone for my career with Keppel FELs. I’m so glad to have had the chance to work in this company since my internship days”, said Joanna.

  • Name: Joanna Kwek Wan Ling

  • Polytechnic: RP

  • Course: Industrial and Operations Management

  • Year of Study: 2010 - 2012

Former Secondary School: Yuhua Secondary School