Skills for the Future

Rebecca is a personification of the SkillsFuture initiative – the national framework that aims to raise the standard of skill sets relevant to our workforce, so as to benefit the individual, companies and the economy.

Rebecca chose to join the industry after obtaining her diploma in 2014, putting plans to further her studies on hold. Taking up the SME Talent Programme scholarship, she turned down an offer from the National University of Singapore (NUS) to do a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering, and is now a Marketing Executive at Keystone Cable Pte Ltd.

Rebecca strongly believes that an effective employee should be able to apply and relate his or her learning to the job. During her stay in Keystone Cable, she played a pivotal role in strategising, implementing, and improving the company’s marketing efforts. She also helped her company to build a strong online presence.

It was during her working stint at Keystone Cable that she discovered her passion for using technology to solve business problems and using data to gain insights, eventually transforming them into actionable data. Besides gaining valuable technical knowledge, Rebecca also benefited from the exposure to the working world that would certainly stand her in good stead in both her further studies and future career.

“I chose to work immediately after getting my diploma so that I can learn to apply my skills and knowledge, while gaining priceless industry experience,” explained Rebecca.

After working for almost two years, Rebecca was inspired to gain more theoretical knowledge and decided it was the right time to further her studies. She wanted to advance her career in the field of Business IT Computing, and began her Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems at NUS.

  • Name: Tan Li Kiat Rebecca

  • Polytechnic: TP

  • Course: Business Process & Systems Engineering

  • Year of Study: 2011 – 2014

Former Secondary School: Anglican High School


  • SMA Talent Programme Scholarship, 2014

  • Business Venture Challenge at Startup@Singapore 2014 – Silver

  • Business Venture Challenge at Startup@Singapore 2013 – Gold