She’s a Nice Engineering Girl

Celine (in white SP t-shirt) with her classmates during a visit to Paya Lebar Air Base, where they learnt more about how aircraft are maintained.

When Nice Celine Morales announced her decision to study engineering, she received looks of surprise, doubt and even shock from family and friends. Through it all, Celine remained nice, because… that’s just who she is.

Despite advice from people around her to reconsider, Celine remained adamant on her engineering choice after her ‘O’ levels. When she was in Secondary Four, Celine debated the matter with her dad. “It was actually my dad who first got me interested in engineering,” she shared. “Because he’s a civil engineer and I felt the things he did were very interesting and different from the norm. But he felt that I wouldn’t be able to do well as he thought girls ‘weren’t suited for engineering’.”

She knew her dad only had her interests at heart and was anxious for her to excel. “But it also made me kind of mad that he thought that way,” she piped. “It just made me want to prove him wrong.”

Now a Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) student, Celine is doing well in Singapore Polytechnic.

Her DASE course teaches her about the electronics in an airplane, such as instruments and controls in a plane’s cockpit. Just as how a simple aircraft hides many complex electronic components, appearances are deceiving too in the case of Celine, who is excelling in her classes despite how some may perceive her as too “soft” for what is presumed to be a “tough person’s” or “guy’s” course. “I’ve realised I’m more of a hands-on learner who enjoys working on actual projects, as opposed to imagining them in theory,” she explained.

When asked what she would say to girls who may be interested in engineering but need reassurance, Celine replied: “Nobody in my secondary school actually thought I would do engineering. They all thought I looked like someone who would study business or events. But I think that if you’re really interested in a course, don’t be scared and just chase after your own goals! When I meet up with my old secondary school teachers who hear of what I’m doing, they still ask, ‘Are you sure?’ I simply reply, ‘Yes, I’m sure’ and smile.”

“I hope to become a senior aircraft engineer. The job comes with opportunities to travel to different countries for training and work! It’s also an important job because the lives of everyone on board an aircraft actually depend on you. If you have the passion for the field, it’s a great service you can provide to others through what you do.”

Celine is Nice, no doubt, but there’s definitely more to her than a sweet smile and pleasant demeanour. Keep an eye out for this young engineer, hopefully in the years ahead!

  • Name: Nice Celine Morales

  • Polytechnic: SP

  • Course: Aerospace Electronics

  • Year of Study: Final Year

Former Secondary School: Bukit View Secondary


Institute of Engineers-SG50 Golden Jubilee Scholarship