Setting the Comeback Wheel in Motion

Ganesh (1st on the right) with his teammates and coach. The team won the top Distinction award at the Singapore Geospatial Challenge 2015 competition

When you see Ganesh today, you see a highly motivated individual. This drive to succeed, however, did not come easy for him. As he was unable to meet the minimum academic requirements of his then-polytechnic, Ganesh suffered the embarrassment of being dropped from his course. To make matter worse, his family was deeply disappointed by both his lack of interest in studies and his drop-out. Feeling the brunt of this setback, Ganesh resolved to turn his life around, and be someone whom his parents can be proud of.

His second chance came when he was admitted into Temasek Polytechnic’s (TP) Green Building & Sustainability diploma course. Not wanting to repeat his past mistake, Ganesh worked hard, and started scoring good grades. He did so well that he was placed twice on his school’s Director’s List, a roll of honour reserved for the top 10% of each academic cohort. Furthermore, he applied for and was awarded the BCA-Industry Built Environment Diploma Scholarship in his second year at TP.

He was also served in the main committee of his course’s student club, participated in the Polytechnic Forum 2015 (a rare honour), and was chosen to be an Engineering Student Ambassador. He was awarded the CCA Merit award in 2016 in recognition of his active participation and leadership abilities.

Ganesh’s strong competitive streak also led him to participate in various national competitions. His team clinched a Bronze award in the Green Sparks Competition 2016, which was jointly organised by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) and City Developments Ltd (CDL).

Putting his course training into good use, Ganesh and his team planned and conceptualised an outdoor community space for City Square Mall’s existing Sky Park on level six of the building. This design not only aims to create a sustainable community space, but also to educate the public on being environmentally friendly as well as to promote a more inclusive society. Ganesh’s stunning design, “Discovering Senses”, incorporates environmentally friendly features, such as a green wall, solar panels, rain harvesting tanks, a solar tube which combines natural lighting and LED lighting, “BigAss” ceiling fans regulated by temperature sensors, and an energy meter display to raise awareness on energy conservation. There are also features that cater to people with special needs, such as charging stations for motorised wheelchairs, and tactile flooring and Braille information for the visually impaired.

Motivated by the motto, “No pain, no gain”, Ganesh continues to forge ahead to achieve his goals of obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering, and becoming a recognised green professional in the building and construction industry.

  • Name: Ganesh s/o Kunasehkaran

  • Polytechnic: TP

  • Course: Green Building & Sustainability

  • Year of Study: Year 3

Former Secondary School: First Toa Payoh Secondary School


  • CCA Merit Award 2016

  • BCA-Industry Built Environment Diploma Scholarship, 2016

  • BCA-CDL Green Sparks Competition 2016 – Bronze Award

  • Singapore Geospatial Challenge 2015 – Distinction Award