Fly Like a G6

Mervin is an avid dancer since the age of nine and has put his talent to good use while in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

Mervin Tan Yen Leong has always been an aircraft enthusiast with a strong passion for military history and aviation, spending hours watching documentaries in this genre. He also dreamt of becoming a pilot.

While pursuing his Diploma in Aerospace Electronics, he became enthralled with the technical aspects of an aircraft. He now dreams of a career as an engineer in the aerospace sector.

Mervin’s final-year project enabled him to integrate and apply the knowledge he had gained over three years. His team built a flying car, which was entered for a competition in South Korea. “The competition was cancelled because of the MERS outbreak, but the sense of achievement we got from making our machine work was immense,” said Mervin.

A highlight of his poly life was going to Copenhagen Business School in Denmark for three weeks on the Overseas Merit Fellowship award. The experience exposed him to a plethora of concepts and ideas. “I was bowled over by how the university used history to teach business concepts. Ironically, I also learnt more about Singapore and its policies while I was there, such as why a welfare system might not work for us,” he said.

Mervin recalled another learning trip to Laos as part of NP’s The Christiera Programme to build a school and conduct English classes. “It was crazy hard work mixing cement by hand under the hot sun. However, I pressed on as it meant building something meaningful for the kids,” he shared.

An avid dancer since the age of nine, Mervin put his talent to good use in NP’s BBoys Club for breakdancers. Starting off as an instructor, he became its Vice President in his final year, charting its direction from being a recreational club to a competitive one.

Mervin aims to build a career in the military as an aerospace engineer as this will allow him to marry his patriotism with his love for aviation.

  • Name: Mervin Tan Yen Leong

  • Polytechnic: NP

  • Course: Aerospace Electronics

  • Year of Study: 2013 to 2016

Former Secondary School: Catholic High School


  • Lee Kuan Yew Award

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic Outstanding Achievement Award

  • ST Aerospace Gold Medal & Prize

  • Rockwell Collins Prize (For 'Aircraft Electrical & Instrumentation Systems')