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How much do you know about Engineering?

The Engineering Myth

What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘Engineering’?

Take the test to find out how much you actually know about Engineering and Engineers.

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Engineers are creative and passionate individuals.

Engineers are actually zealous inventors who develop new technologies and adapt emerging scientific principles to solve problems. All these require a great deal of passion and creativity!

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Engineers must love Maths.

While it’s true that many Engineering disciplines involve Maths, there are also many other fields of Engineering which do not require one to love Maths or be good in Maths.

Other traits such as creativity, problem-solving skills, an eye for detail, and even business acumen, could be equally if not more important.

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Engineers work both indoors and outdoors, depending on their scope of work.

While some engineers work in challenging environments, many also work in the comfort of offices and labs. It is a misconception that engineers only work in physically demanding environments!

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Engineers do not make as much money as accountants, doctors and lawyers.

The salaries of Engineering professionals are comparable to those of other professions. Furthermore, in 2016, the Government increased the starting salaries of new graduate engineers joining the public sector by about 20%.

As for polytechnic diploma holders, the median gross monthly salary for fresh polytechnic graduates has increased by 3.8%, from $2,100 in 2015, to $2,180 in 2016. For males who started working after completing their National Service, the median gross monthly salary was $2,517 in 2016.

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Engineers are introverts surrounded by machines and computers daily.

Engineering jobs today involve as much social interaction as any other job and the work engineers do may involve understanding humans and improving the human process and life!

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Engineers are just like us and are actually creative and passionate people.
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