Channelling Passion and Imagination Toward the Greater Good

Zhi Ting (1st from left) and her project group with their final-year Project ‘Silver Suit’ which lets people experience what it feels like to be old.

A passion for biology and physics as well as a family situation helped shape Teo Zhi Ting’s dream career.

“My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when I was applying for my polytechnic course. Seeing how my grandmother grow weaker each day as a result of her chemotherapy treatment was painful for me. No one is able to fully understand her pain or the drastic changes she makes in order to cope with her illness. While we may not be able to prevent or eliminate diseases, we can certainly make life better for patients like my grandmother,” said Zhi Ting.

Armed with this resolution, Zhi Ting took up Singapore Polytechnic’s (SP) Diploma in Bioengineering course with gusto. Being one of the few girls in an engineering course also did not discourage her as she was drawn to this multidisciplinary course. “Many students would think that the course will focus a lot on biology. However, it is essentially still an engineering course with mechanical and electrical engineering modules that equipped me with the skills and knowledge to design a range of bioengineering solutions.”

She added, “The life sciences modules complemented the engineering modules by providing me with a better understanding of the human body, thus allowing me to design and develop more efficient bioengineering solutions.”

The hands-on course and helpful lecturers also validated Zhi Ting’s decision to undertake this course of study. She explained, “During my final year project, I got the chance to work with students from other engineering courses. This is a good example of how engineers from different disciplines collaborate on a common project in the working world.”

Zhi Ting concluded, “It is an awesome and fantastic feeling to be able to produce a bioengineering solution for the greater good based on imagination and doodle, along with the right skills and knowledge. SP has shown me that it is possible!”

  • Name: Teo Zhi Ting

  • Polytechnic: SP

  • Course: Bioengineering

  • Year of Study: Graduated in 2014

Former Secondary School: Foon Yew High (Malaysia)


  • Biomedical Engineering Society (Singapore) Gold Medal

  • The Institution of Engineers Gold Medal Award