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Engineers solve problems and focus on making things work more efficiently and effectively. Do you know that engineers play a huge part in our daily activities?

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Find no reason to be an Engineer? Think again.

Life without engineering is impossible! How do you wake up in time? How do you go to school? Engineering solves your day-to-day problems and has become an indispensible part of human lives. When you see the opportunity in every problem, anything is possible. There are so many reasons to be an engineer. Do yourself a favour and become one.

Begin your journey in Engineering

For Teachers

Learning Journeys for Teachers

14 Aug - 9 Nov 2017

These industry learning journeys are specially organised to provide teachers with a deeper understanding of engineering and how it impacts on ...

For Teachers

Teachers’ Experiential Workshops

2 Aug - 15 Sep 2017

This series of experiential workshops conducted by polytechnic lecturers and industry trainers aims to enable teachers to impart useful engine...

For Students

Engineering Discovery 2017

24 Oct 2017

An immersive programme that provides students with an overview of engineering, its attractiveness and significance in everyday life, through e...

For Parents

Parents’ Forum: Engineering a Bright Future for Your Child

17 Nov 2017

This seminar aims to share with parents the value, attractiveness and opportunities of an engineering career through an engineering education....

A Polytechnic Engineering Diploma

Opens doors to diverse career opportunities. You will be trained as professionals to design, build and maintain products, systems or structures we use daily.

The practical approach at polytechnics will equip you with lifelong, specialised skills in addition to academic excellence.

At the polytechnics, it is about practical solutions for real life problems. You will also enjoy a vibrant student life and an all-rounded education.

The Poly Experience

Channelling Passion and Imagination Toward the Greater Good

A passion for biology and physics as well as a family situation helped shape Teo Zhi Ting’s dream career. “My grandmother was diagnosed with p...

Life After Graduation

Skills for the Future

Rebecca is a personification of the SkillsFuture initiative – the national framework that aims to raise the standard of skill sets relevant to...

Life After Graduation

First Impressions Last

Lee Li Qing graduated with a Diploma in Supply Chain Management in May 2015. After graduation, she enrolled in the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn...

Life After Graduation

Turning Over a Newly Engineered Leaf

Thomas Tham graduated as one of the top students from Singapore Polytechnic (SP)’s pioneer batch of Diploma in Engineering with Business gradu...

Life After Graduation

Facilitating My Future

When people talk about managing a hotel, what comes to mind are well-dressed guest relation officers welcoming visitors in posh hotel lobbies....

Life After Graduation

A Record-Shattering Success!

Inventor and entrepreneur, Luke Lim, has successfully developed a product that’s set to revolutionise the security and building industries. Sh...

Life After Graduation

The Sea Master

Edwin Yeo, a Dive Specialist and founder of a company, performs research and reconnaissance some 40 metres below sea level. He designs diving ...

Life After Graduation

Engineering Value to Common Everyday Problems

“When a smartphone that costs less than $300 to manufacture sells for $1,000, is all of the $700 true profit?”  That was a question that Ng Ju...

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