Success in the Future is a Nano Step Taken Now

Xu Naiyun came to Singapore in 2002 to pursue a post-secondary education at Temasek Polytechnic. He joined the School of Engineering’s Electrical & Electronic Engineering programme, before streaming into the Diploma in Microelectronics for his second and third years.

“I chose Microelectronics because I was fascinated by how electronic devices can be built using chips which are so tiny, so nano,” he recalled.

After obtaining his diploma in 2005, Naiyun furthered his studies in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (EEE majoring in Microelectronics) degree with first class Honours in 2009. “The knowledge and skills I obtained from my stint in polytechnic greatly boosted my studies,” Naiyun said.

He joined Globalfoundries (Fab 7 branch) in 2013 as a Process Integration Engineer. Naiyun collaborates with cross-functional teams for the development of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) process technology.

Seizing the opportunity that the Globalfoundries-EDB postgraduate scholarship scheme offered, he completed a dissertation in nano electronics and was conferred a PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering by NTU in 2013.

Naiyun felt that pursuing a PhD motivated him to delve deeper into his passion for engineering. It also inculcated a diverse range of life skills. “The research which I acquired for my PhD sharpened my thinking, planning, troubleshooting and organisational skills. It trained me to work more efficiently,” he explained. “At the end of the day, the experience empowered me to handle future projects.”

Now a Singaporean, Naiyun works as a Senior Engineer with Globalfoundries’ Product Test and Failure Analysis department. “I realised that the success of my career began the day I chose Microelectronics at polytechnic. I have no regrets,” declared the 33-year-old go-getter. “Absolutely.”

  • Name: Dr Xu Naiyun

  • Polytechnic: TP

  • Course: Microelectronics

  • Year of Study: 2002-2005

Former Secondary School: Educated in China


  • Director’s List Award 2003 and 2004

  • Globalfoundries-EDB postgraduate scholarship